Frequently asked questions

Ques 1: - What is the system method to reduce weight?
Ans   : - A complete Fat analysis of your body is done by small fat analysis machines, working on principle of bio-impedance, on joining the program. Fat is also measured on various parts of body by Fat 0 measure. After this a complete nutrition, behavior and exercise analysis of your body is done. Complete medical checkup, after all this the doctors come to know why you are unable to reduce weight on your own.

Then doctors advise you slight nutrition, behavior and exercise changes. These are easy to implement, practical and fit easily in your daily routine. We do not advise drastic changes in your schedule or diet plan, because we understand that it is not practically possible for such changes to be followed for long duration of time. Key to sustained and large weight loss is to implement slight changes which can be followed for long time. After this you may be advised slight exercises. Some plants are also helpful for weight loss. If you wish to loose weight faster you may be advised some herbal medicines. These are totally safe and have no side effects. The safety of these medicines may also be checked at internet or your family doctor. If you do not wish to take medicines you may continue the program without medicines.  15% of our clients do the program without medicines.

Besides this, lots of camps are organized at center, in which our yoga experts [Affiliated to yoga center DDA sports Complex Dwarka] will advise what small exercises can be done to loose fat/weight from specific areas of body.

Medicines which are prescribed are cheap and can be purchased from any nearby chemist.

Ques 2:- How much weight can we expect to loose?
Ans: -    Fat/weight loss depends on dedication, motivation and efforts done. If you follow all the advise given and even take medicines as advised, you can expect to loose up to 8 kg in a month. Some of our more dedicated clients have even done better than this. Without medicines you can expect up to 5 kg of weight loss in a month.

Ques 3:- Will the lost weight come back when we discontinue medicines?
Ans: -   Best fat/weight loss is the only centre which gives life long validity for your fees. This means you can come to clinic in future, anytime you feel you need help regarding your weight. But we are confident that we have trained you in such a way that you will be able to maintain your lost weight, and you will never need a re-visit. This confidence enables us to give lifelong validity for your fees. Besides this we encourage you to reach your ideal weight ie most people will be encouraged to loose 20-25 kg of weight, with such drastic weight loss your life changes.  You start getting lots of compliments from your friends and relatives. This motivates you to maintain your lost weight.

Our minimal fees also encourage you to loose maximum weight [most other centre’s charge much more and charge per kg of weight loss.

So you tend to purchase a cheaper package of 5 kg of weight loss, only. This 5 Kg weight loss is not noticeable and is very difficult to maintain.

Ques 4: - What are the fees?
Ans: - For females weighting less than 90 kg introductory charges are only Rs 4500/- at present [likely to increase shortly]. For females weighting more than 90 kg charges are Rs 5500/-. These are payable in cash on registration.

Ques 5:- Are any other charges payable?
Ans: - No. besides this, fees have life long validity [No other centre gives this].

Ques 6:- Why are your charges so cheap. Most other centres charge approx Rs 50,000/- for 25 kg of weight loss?
Ans: -   Client needs to visit us only once a week. Weight loss starts in first week itself. After visiting 4-5 times, most are able to have 6-8 kg of weight loss, and by now know the exact way to loose weight and sustain it. After this need for revisits decreases. So we are able to offer our services at  such competitive prices.

Ques 7: - Tell us regarding fat loss yoga camps?
Ans: - These camps are organized at clinic periodically and are free for registered clients. These encourage you to meet other clients for inspiration. Besides our yoga/Aerobics experts guide you regarding what small exercises can be done to loose fat from particular portions of body like abdomen/hips/thighs etc.

Ques 8:- Can we talk to /meet your previous clients.
Ans: - Yes, the centre will facilitate this.    






BARIATRIC SURGEON – Dr Rajat Goel C/O Primus Hospital